Clarity in Chaos: Finding Strength in Confusing Times

When confusion is on the verge of chaos,
calm it down and it will cure itself.
Strength cannot stand everywhere,
intelligence cannot plan for everything.


Once in a while, life throws us new challenges and you need to find clarity in chaos. This could be as deciding a relationship, a career path, or even handling a situation at work, and much more. Conflicting choices and uncertainty about the future might leave us without a clear direction. This makes us overwhelmed, anxious, and without seeing a direction to go.

When it comes to solving our challenges, we have learned to do only one thing: to think, and think. But thinking is logical and logic is limited. What would you do if you can’t have any clarity about your choices or the outcomes? We tend to think even more!

When facing uncertainty, overthinking puts us in more chaos. You might ask yourself, what would others do if they were in my situation? But you are not others? You have your unique perspective and way of looking at the world around you. Overthinking will make us feel like everything is spiraling out of control.

The Chinese Book of Changes, I Ching, has a chapter that describes an image of a figure in a well, floating in the dark depth of water. It’s a situation where no light can guide you to the surface. It is about someone going through a trying situation with no clarity or light to guide them through it. What should anyone do if they are in that situation?

I Ching says that you hold on to your heart. You stay truthful to your feelings and your inner guidance. You stop looking at what others might do and trust your self-confidence. Being sincere to yourself and your values, not only saves you out of the well but it leads to great success.

When confusion threatens to capture us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

So, when facing chaos and seeing no clarity, stop overthinking! Instead, take a step back and calm your mind. Sit in silence and listen.

Sometimes, the best course of action is to quiet the mind. In stillness, you’ll find your clarity and wisdom. You can tap into your inner resilience and trust that everything will fall into place in due time.

So, next time that life throws you into chaos. Take a deep breath, center yourself, and believe in your ability to navigate through any challenge.

Envision the image of the figure suspended in the depths of the dark water. Place your hand on your heart and trust in your inner strength and guidance. Listen to your inner guidance and trust that you can find your way through.

And always remember, challenges and difficulties are your chance for growth and transformation. So, accept them as what they are.

And, remember that strength is not about force or overpowering others. Because the true strength is in your ability to remain calm in the face of difficulties. It is about finding peace within ourselves.

Journal Prompt

And now, it’s your turn to reflect on your own experiences. Think about a time when you faced confusion or chaos in your life. How did you respond? Consider how they were aligned with your values and inner truth. What do you think of Guanzi’s cure for finding clarity in chaos?

Stay strong and keep shining bright!