5 Lessons to Live Every Day With Intention

How do you think your life will look five years from now? Take a moment to consider your ideal future self. Where do you belong? What are your future intentions? In this article, we look at the nature of setting intentions and further explore ways to ensure we follow through with our intentions every day. … Read more

What is self-cultivation?

Some people just seem to have life figured out from day one. They’re the ones who know what they want to do before they can even walk straight. But for most of us, life feels more like a giant maze. We start with those early school years, spending what feels like forever with textbooks. Only … Read more

Perception and Projection: Driving Forces of the Mind

Perception and projection are important concepts in interactions with our environment. The way we perceive the world depends on how we project our mind onto it. Our perception of reality is shaped by how we project our thinking into the world. So, it shapes our relationships and how with live in society. In this article, … Read more

Duality and non-duality

Duality and nonduality offer different views about the nature of reality and human experience. In this article, we look at the definition and meaning of duality and non-duality. Moreover, we examine the relationship between them. Duality and non-duality define two approaches to looking at the reality of the universe. Although some overlap, each proposes a … Read more

What is Becoming in Philosophy?

So, what exactly is becoming in philosophy? Well, It’s about change and growth, how things transform and evolve. In this article, we’ll explore its meaning across Eastern and Western philosophical traditions The idea of becoming reveals much about the nature of our reality and perception. So, we take the discussion of becoming vs being in … Read more

Being vs Becoming: Philosophy and History

In philosophy, “becoming” is often contrasted with “being.” The discussions about being vs becoming are debated in metaphysics. Being represents a static and unchanging present. On the other hand, the idea of becoming is about change and transformation over time. The study of being versus becoming asks what’s real and what it means to exist. … Read more

What consumes our mind controls our life

In this article, we’ll uncover the message behind the saying “What consumes our mind controls our life.” We’ll explore how our thoughts and perceptions shape our world. Then we look at practical steps to take charge of our mindset for a more fulfilling life. In the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” Chris Gardner is a … Read more

Sense Perception as a Way of Knowing

Sense perception is how we understand the world using our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. It’s about using our eyes to see a tree, or our noses to smell freshly baked cookies. This article examines sense perception as a way of knowing, showing how perception helps us gather information about the world … Read more

What is the difference between perception and perspective?

Have you ever considered the contrast between perception and perspective? In this article, we look into their definitions. We examine their relationship and explore examples to illustrate their impact on our understanding of reality. What is perception? Perception is how our brains make sense of the world around us. It involves using our senses—like sight, … Read more