What is self-cultivation?

Some people just seem to have life figured out from day one. They’re the ones who know what they want to do before they can even walk straight. But for most of us, life feels more like a giant maze. We start with those early school years, spending what feels like forever with textbooks. Only … Read more

What consumes our mind controls our life

In this article, we’ll uncover the message behind the saying “What consumes our mind controls our life.” We’ll explore how our thoughts and perceptions shape our world. Then we look at practical steps to take charge of our mindset for a more fulfilling life. In the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” Chris Gardner is a … Read more

Wu Wei Meaning: the Philosophy of Effortless Action

Wu wei definition Wu wei or “woo way” is the Taoist principle of effortless action or non-action. It emphasizes spontaneity and the natural alignment with the universe. In English, wu wei means “inaction”, “not forcing” or “nondoing.” However, the meaning of wu wei is not about inactivity or idleness. Instead, it refers to a certain … Read more